OK Messages Project | Outdoor Adventure Day 2017

The Oklahoma Messages Project operates a highly effective prevention and literacy program that makes a positive differences in kids’ lives and helps mitigate the damage of incarceration. By using multi-media filming of parents in prison reading books to their children, the Oklahoma Messages Project helps maintain and improve the parent-child relationship, boost literacy, and improve the child’s social, emotional, and educational outcomes.

Each year, Oklahoma Messages Project hosts a special event for children age 3 through 16 who are affected by incarceration. The kids are treated to an action-packed day full of fun, food, and new friends!

At Outdoor Adventure Day , each child receives a t-shirt, along with a new backpack and books for summer reading. They can play in the Moon Bounce, inflatable water slide and on the Zipline, paint in the painting station, and read books to cuddly shelter dogs. They have the opportunity to play sports and outdoor games and have a delicious and nutritious lunch in the great outdoors.

For more information, visit: okmessagesproject.org



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