The Curbside Chronicle | Christmas for Billy Ray

The Curbside Chronicle is a monthly magazine sold on the streets of Oklahoma City by vendors who are homeless or at-risk of being homeless.

In late 2013, one of the most dedicated Curbside Chronicle vendors, Billy Ray, tragically lost his leg to diabetes. The Curbside Chronicle then partnered with Scott Sabolich Prosthetics and Limbs for Life to give Billy Ray what he called, “the best Christmas present I’ve ever had in my life”

UPDATE: Tragically, Bill Ray has since passed away. His passion and positive attitude will be remembered by the many in OKC who came to call him friend.



Night of Redemption | featuring Bob Goff

On Nov 12, 2013, students from Southern Nazarene University hosted Night of Redemption, a fundraising evening for No Boundaries International that featured musicians, The City Harmonic, The Charlie Hall Band, Shawn McDonald, and The Royal Royal. The night also featured special guest speaker Bob Goff, author of New York Times Best-selling book, Love Does.

The heart of this event was to raise funds to combat the very relevant issue of human trafficking, but even more to raise up passionate men and women in this state that will stand for injustice and seek to redeem those that have no voice right here in Oklahoma City.

OKC GOOD was happy to provide all of the media production for Night of Redemption.

Better Block OKC| PARK(ing) Day 2013

On September 20th, 2013 volunteers from Better Block OKC organized Oklahoma City’s first ever participation inPARK(ing) Day, an annual worldwide event where artists, designers and citizens transform parking spots into temporary public parks, a way to call attention to the need for more urban open space. For the event, parking spots were turned into “parklets” in 7 different OKC locations.

The PARK(ING) Day concept was invented in 2005 by Rebar, a San Francisco-based art and design studio, with the goal of generating critical debate around the creation and allocation of public space, as well as improving the overall quality of urban human habitat.

The Curbside Chronicle | 2nd Issue Release Party

On September 12, 2013 The Curbside Chronicle hosted at release party for their second issue at Elemental Coffee in Oklahoma City.

The Curbside Chronicle is a monthly magazine sold on the streets of Oklahoma City by homeless and at-risk of being homeless vendors. The Curbside Chronicle is one of 43 street papers in the United States, and the first street paper in Oklahoma. A street paper is a publication that offers employment and a voice to homeless and low-income individuals.

LOVE OKC One Day 2013

LOVE OKC  is passionate about uniting individuals, businesses organizations and community service agencies to serve the needs of the greater Oklahoma City metro area.

LOVE OKC partners with the community to provide tangible hope to children, families, individuals, and the elderly struggling within our community. During their LOVE OKC one Day Event on August 24th, 2013 they provided groceries, health services, community service connections, lunch, haircuts, family portraits, and activities for children. All goods and services were FREE on the day of the outreach.

The Mentoring Project | REWRITE Mentor Training

The Mentoring Project hosted their REWRITE Mentor Training at’s Edmond campus for nearly 500 people. This training was aimed at equipping community to rewrite the fatherless story through mentoring in the greater OKC area.
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Community Summit on Human Trafficking

On May 4, 2013 the Oklahoma Task Force on Human Trafficking hosted their first ever Community Summit. The event brought leaders together from all over the community to network and brainstorm ways to prevent human trafficking.

Better Block OKC 2013 | Farmer’s Market District

Better Block OKC 2013 was a one-day event in the Farmer’s Market District on May 4, 2013. Better Block OKC is presented by the Urban Land Institute of Oklahoma, and is a community revitalization project that temporarily demonstrates how to improve a street with pedestrian and public infrastructure mixed with art, culture, pop-up businesses and street life.



111Project | OK Foster Care Forum

On April 25th, local leaders from non-profits, businesses, churches, the social sector, and all walks of life came together for a critical conversation about the foster care crisis in Oklahoma. This was the third annual forum hosted by the 111Project.

OU Big Event 2013 | Better Block OKC

Better Block OKC is a community revitalization project that temporarily demonstrates how to improve a street with pedestrian and public infrastructure mixed with art, culture, pop-up businesses and street life. A group of OU Big Event volunteers spent a day volunteering at the Farmer’s Market district in OKC to help prepare the location for Better Block’s upcoming event on May 4th, 2013.



OU Big Event 2013 | Family Builders

Family Builders works to strengthen families to prevent child abuse, neglect and other family violence. On April 13, 2013, A team of OU Big Event volunteers spent a day painting the classrooms at Family Builders with a coat of fresh paint.


OU Big Event 2013 | Angel Cove Retirement Community

On April 13, 2013, a large group of students from OU’s Big Event spent the day volunteering at Angel Cove Retirement and Senior Care Community. Mike Fansler, the owner of Angel Cove, explains what the volunteers did and how much of a help it was to their center.



OU Big Event 2013 | Overview

On April 13, 2013, more than 5,000 students, faculty and staff from the University of Oklahoma gathered on the North Oval of the campus for OU’s official day of community Service, the Big Event.

The Big Event was established as a way for the university to say “thank-you” to the variety of organizations in the Norman-Oklahoma City area that provide unsurpassed support to OU, its students, programs and organizations. The Big Event benefits 150 vital community organizations, performing tasks they would not usually be able to do.



Family Builders | “Walk a Mile” Luncheon

OKC GOOD brings you this short recap of Family Builders’ “Walk a Mile” Luncheon on April 4, 2013 at the Oklahoma History Center. Family Builders hosts this annual event to share stories with the community about their fight to end child abuse in central Oklahoma



The Spero Project | Marked OKC

Marked OKC exists to mobilize the Church to engage in a Biblical response to marginalized women locally and globally. The Spero Project runs and organizes Marked OKC events annually. OKC GOOD brings you this brief recap of Marked OKC from March 3, 2013.



Loveworks “Pretty Tough” Week

Loveworks runs after-school programs for middle school students in Norman, and this video highlights their “Pretty Tough” week, during which students focused on their identity as men and women.

This video was recorded on February 9th, 2013 during Startup Weekend at the University of Oklahoma.