LOVE OKC One Day 2014

LOVE OKC is a movement of people and organizations passionate about serving the needs of the greater Oklahoma City metro area. Their annual event, LOVE OKC One Day, serves thousands of people in need in Oklahoma City. This is a short overview of their 2014 event.


Odyssey Leadership Academy Town Hall Meeting

The mission of Odyssey Leadership Academy is to focus on identity formation, virtue development, and the pursuit of compassion and wisdom through constructive mentoring relationships, transformative curriculum, and real-world experiences that help students grapple with what it means to be architects of repair in the world!

In May of 2014, they held a Town Hall meeting to start a conversation with the community about the future of the Academy.

Oklahoma Foster Care Forum 2014

The Oklahoma Foster Care Forum is an annual event hosted by the 111Project and the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. People and groups from every domain of society and sphere of influence were invited to come together in this shared time and space for the sake of children in Foster Care.

The Spero Project | MARKED 2014 | EMPLOY

Employing women with dignified jobs at living wages empowers them and enables them to have hope for themselves and their families. Many women locally and around the world struggle to find jobs to support their basic needs. The Employ area at MARKED helped participants become a well-informed consumers and join in the efforts to ethically employ women.

The Spero Project | MARKED 2014 | EDUCATE

Education produces the means and determination for a promising future. Women around the world are denied an education raising risks for gender violence, early marriage, trafficking, bonded labor, and gender discrimination. MARKED believes that men and women in the Church can combat this issue, giving hope to the future of girls worldwide.

The Spero Project | MARKED 2014 | ENGAGE

What does it mean to engage marginalized women in your city?  Relational engagement through mentoring, practicing hospitality or simply being a good neighbor are all ways we can engage women around us and we know this changes the lives of everyone involved!   At MARKED , the Engage section shared some practical ways to engage women locally.

The Spero Project | MARKED 2014 | Overview

Marked is an annual event that mobilizes the Church to care for marginalized women locally and globally.Marked participants were given the tools to make tangible changes in their lives that impact women everywhere.

OKC GOOD made 4 short videos about MARKED 2014.

OU Big Event 2014 | Norman Arts Council & START Norman

StART Norman was born out of the idea that the arts can affect positive and lasting change through placemaking — the act of bringing the “community” back to the Community.

OU Big Event volunteers helped the Norman Arts Council to prepare for the StART Norman event.

OU Big Event 2014 | WildCare Foundation

WildCare Foundation is a non-profit organization in Noble, OK dedicated to wildlife rehabilitation. Their mission is to provide people a place to bring native wild animals that are struggling to survive (injured or orphaned) for care and medical treatment. Their goal is to release recovered and healthy individuals back to their natural habitat.

OU Big event volunteers spent a day helping clean up around the facilities at WildCare.

OU Big Event 2014 | WINGS Special Needs Community

The mission of WINGS is to enhance the lives of adults with developmental disabilities through social, vocational and residential programs guided by principles of the Bible.

A Group od OU Big Event volunteers spent a day helping beautify the grounds of the WINGS facility.

(video shot by OKC GOOD volunteers Connor Galvin and Cody Nicely)

OU Big Event 2014 | Christmas Connection

The Christmas Connection is a local non-profit organization dedicated to serving low income families and senior citizens in central Oklahoma. They provide a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere where clients are treated with dignity and respect and can shop for clothing, household items and basic necessities.

OU Big Event volunteers spent the day helping sort clothes and deliver a load of donated goods from a consignment sale.

OU Big Event 2014 | Uptown 23rd

Over the last year, Uptown 23rd has been working hard to return the NW 23rd St. Historic District to being one of Oklahoma City’s premier business, arts, and entertainment districts. Anchored by the Historic Tower Theater and stretching from Broadway to Penn on NW 23rd Street, you will find great locally-owned restaurants, eclectic boutiques, welcoming businesses, and Oklahoma City University.

OU Big Event volunteers spent a few hours beautifying 23rd street and exploring the district.

OU Big Event 2014 | Overview

On April 5th, 2014, 5,557 OU volunteers went to 151 different jobsites around the Norman and Oklahoma City metro. Volunteers completed over 20,000 hours of community service on this day, making it the largest single-day community service effort in the state of Oklahoma.

OKC GOOD went to around a dozen worksites and documented the stories of service!

Mariposa Coffee Roastery Campaign Rwanda

Mariposa Coffee Roastery is a small micro-roastery in Norman, Oklahoma that is dedicated to crafting excellent coffee, supporting community, and fighting social injustice. Their current social justice agenda is simple: putting water-wells in coffee-growing communities that do not have access to clean water.