LOVE OKC One Day 2015

For their fourth annual ONE DAY event, LOVE OKC partnered with local businesses, agencies, churches and individuals to provide tangible hope to children, families, individuals, and the elderly struggling within our community.  On this day, they provided groceries, health services, community service connections, lunch, live entertainment, haircuts, family portraits, and activities for children.  All goods and services were free on the day of the outreach.

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This is the third year in a row that OKC GOOD has covered  the LOVE OKC  ONE DAY event. We love being able to share the stories coming from this event. If you’d like to see our previous LOVE OKC videos, we’ve posted them below:

Mobile Barbershop OKC Launch Party

The Mobile Barbershop OKC is an initiative being launched by Bruce Waight and Vanessa Morrison. This short video explains that their project is about, and was made at their official launch party on the roof of the Allied Arts buidling on June 29, 2015.

The following details about The Mobile Barbershop Initiative are from their Go Fund Me Page:

“The mobile barbershop is an opportunity to preserve, leverage, and share black barbershop space with all – including the people who have trouble accessing it the most. We sought out this solution by simply observing and listening to the day-to-day struggles that my clients face when trying to get to the shop. From physical disabilities, to heavy reliance on public transportation, to being displaced in the community; many individuals face several obstacles and barriers when trying to get to me. The people we’ve met and the stories we’ve heard are a testimony that black barbershops are more than just a place to get a cut and shave; they are important, safe spaces where interaction is initiated, mentorship is accessible, oral history is shared, and culture all coexist.”

You can find out more from their Tumblr site, and contribute to their campaign here.

The Curbside Chronicle | “How I See OKC” Homeless Photography Exhibit

“How I See OKC” is a collaboration between The Curbside Chronicle and Upward Transitions that pairs local professional photographers with Curbside vendors and friends who are experiencing homelessness. The pictures seek to open people’s eyes to what the homeless see on a daily basis, as well as share parts of their stories.

For more about the Curbside Chronicle, visit :

For more about Upward Transitions, visit:

Dr. John Perkins | Message at OKC Unity & Reconciliation Service

Speaking to the national strife and conflict around race,  Dr. John Perkins  brought a message of unity and reconcilitation when he addressed a diverse congregation in Oklahoma City at the first annual Reconciliation Unity Service

John was born into Mississippi poverty in 1930. After overcoming the seemingly impassible barriers of being black in the segregated South, Dr. Perkins had moved to California to escape the oppression of Mississippi’s closed society. In 1957, Dr. Perkins wdr john perkinsas converted to Christianity and after three years of discipleship, he was called back to the struggle of his home state of Mississippi. Since then, Dr. Perkins has lived the last 54 years engaged in the work of developing our world’s most troubling cities. His faithfulness to loving God and loving his worldwide neighbors has been recognized by eleven honorary doctorate degrees. Dr. Perkins has personally advised three U.S. presidents, has participated in writing 14 books, and founded the internationally known organization and movement, the Christian Community Development Association. With all these accolades, Dr. Perkins’ pride comes from his 62-year marriage to his wife, Vera Mae.

Open Streets OKC 2015

Open Streets OKC is a local health and wellness project. At Open Streets, they believe active transportation–like biking or walking from point A to B–promotes healthier residents with closer ties to their community. Open Streets events reclaim part of a busy street for a few hours for non-motorized activity. Everyone attending is invited to walk, bike, skate or board while they meet local business owners and celebrate the unique charm of a historic Oklahoma City neighborhood.

The second annual Open Streets OKC event took place on Uptown NW 23rd St. on March 22, 2015. It is estimated that between 25,000 and 30,000 OKC residents showed up to the event.

There will be another Open Streets event in South OKC in the fall. You can find out more at

Q Commons OKC | February 2015 | Pursuing the Common Good for Our City

Q Commons gathers local and global thought leaders to consider what it looks like to advance the common good of our cities and communities.The event takes place on the same night in more than 65 cities, with more than 10,000 participants.  The OKC event convened at Sandridge Energy on February 26th, 2015, and was an encouraging night for the life of our city.

More about Q Commons:

Q was birthed out of Gabe Lyons’ vision to see Christians recover a vision for their historic responsibility to renew and restore cultures. In a culture where Christians are known more by what they are against than what they are for, Q educates people to stay curious, think well and advance good. Inspired by Chuck Colson’s statement, “Christians are called to redeem entire cultures, not just individuals,” Gabe set out to reintroduce Christians to what had seemed missing in recent decades from an American expression of Christian faithfulness; valuing both personal and cultural renewal, not one over the other. Re-educating Christians to this orthodox and unifying concept has become central to the vision of Q. For more information visit

Dream Together | Essay & Art Contest in Northeast OKC

The Dream Together Essay & Art Contest was open to K-12 students in Northeast Oklahoma City, with the goal of asking children to dream about building a better future for their community. Buy for Less and Shiloh Camp sponsored the contest and recently held a celebration for the winners at the community center building next to the Buy for Less on NE 23rd St. & MLK in OKC.

We loved taking part in covering this event. It was truly inspiring to hear what these young people are dreaming for our community!

The winners received cash prizes, as well as other awards.

Here are the winners:


1st-  Briana Burton-grade 11

2nd- Kaylyn Brown-grade 12

3rd- Antonae Thompson-grade 12


1st- Dillard Bowie-grade 8

2nd- Lyric Love-grade 7

3rd- Jaiah Vicks-grade 5


1st- Jordyn Harris-grade 3

2nd- Reagan Rollerson- grade 2

3rd- James Lampkins-grade K

The Mentoring Project | Ice Skating Mentor Moment

Mentor Moments are events that are sponsored by The Mentoring Project or TMProject’s affiliates. The Mentoring Project regularly conducts Mentor Moments in Oklahoma City and Portland.

The Mentoring Project hosted its January 2015 Mentor Moment at Blazers Ice Centre in Oklahoma City. They hosted their matched mentors as well as mentors from several other mentoring organizations.

During a few breaks, several mentor/mentee pairs were interviewed to talk about some of their favorite memories and the impact mentoring has in their lives.

Parks in Focus | Youth Photography Exhibit

Parks in Focus youth participants had their nature photographs on display at the Oklahoma Musuem of Art for a special event.

Parks in Focus introduces middle school youth to the wonders of nature and the joys of outdoor exploration through the medium of a camera’s lens. Parks in Focus is developing a year-round program in Oklahoma City, modeled after their successful flagship program in Tucson, AZ.

LOVE OKC 2014 | Family Portraits

LOVE OKC is a movement of people and organizations passionate about serving the needs of the greater Oklahoma City metro area. LOVE OKC hosts a free Family Portrait area at their annual community outreach event.. This short video highlights some stories of people who had family portraits taken at LOVE OKC One Day in 2014.


LOVE OKC One Day 2014

LOVE OKC is a movement of people and organizations passionate about serving the needs of the greater Oklahoma City metro area. Their annual event, LOVE OKC One Day, serves thousands of people in need in Oklahoma City. This is a short overview of their 2014 event.


Odyssey Leadership Academy Town Hall Meeting

The mission of Odyssey Leadership Academy is to focus on identity formation, virtue development, and the pursuit of compassion and wisdom through constructive mentoring relationships, transformative curriculum, and real-world experiences that help students grapple with what it means to be architects of repair in the world!

In May of 2014, they held a Town Hall meeting to start a conversation with the community about the future of the Academy.

Oklahoma Foster Care Forum 2014

The Oklahoma Foster Care Forum is an annual event hosted by the 111Project and the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. People and groups from every domain of society and sphere of influence were invited to come together in this shared time and space for the sake of children in Foster Care.

The Spero Project | MARKED 2014 | EMPLOY

Employing women with dignified jobs at living wages empowers them and enables them to have hope for themselves and their families. Many women locally and around the world struggle to find jobs to support their basic needs. The Employ area at MARKED helped participants become a well-informed consumers and join in the efforts to ethically employ women.

The Spero Project | MARKED 2014 | EDUCATE

Education produces the means and determination for a promising future. Women around the world are denied an education raising risks for gender violence, early marriage, trafficking, bonded labor, and gender discrimination. MARKED believes that men and women in the Church can combat this issue, giving hope to the future of girls worldwide.

The Spero Project | MARKED 2014 | ENGAGE

What does it mean to engage marginalized women in your city?  Relational engagement through mentoring, practicing hospitality or simply being a good neighbor are all ways we can engage women around us and we know this changes the lives of everyone involved!   At MARKED , the Engage section shared some practical ways to engage women locally.

OU Big Event 2014 | WildCare Foundation

WildCare Foundation is a non-profit organization in Noble, OK dedicated to wildlife rehabilitation. Their mission is to provide people a place to bring native wild animals that are struggling to survive (injured or orphaned) for care and medical treatment. Their goal is to release recovered and healthy individuals back to their natural habitat.

OU Big event volunteers spent a day helping clean up around the facilities at WildCare.